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Anonymous: Do u love ur unnie Chaerin? <3 ---The Fire

YESH! YESH I DO! But~ Do you love me like the way I love you babe?

Anonymous: Horse poop is now the new sexy thing.

Pffftt Unicorn poops are much better

Anonymous: T_T i love you squishy~ :3 \o/ /o/ \o\ \o/ T_T

 i love you too~  \o/ /o/ \o\ \o/  
Puahahahah Again me ish sorry for ruining the moment~

Anonymous: What happens when you love and care about someone more than they do with you? You take that risk with love and hope for the best.

Love is the a rose~ It looks pretty but it has a lot of thorns~ Go cut the fugly thorns then BOOOOOM! Pretty rose with no thorns  But to cut to thorns you need to man up and overcome the PAAAINN

Anonymous: I want someone I can play with. Someone that would tease me endlessly and make me laugh. I want someone to cuddle with me at times when I most need it or just want someone's presence there. I want someone to love me for my weird self eventually. But you know what? I always fall for the wrong people. I want you to be the one teasing me and playing with me. I want to be in your arms and cuddle the day away. But you know what? It can't be you. It just can't.

Anonymous: I am saying no to drugs....FAHK sugar just became my drug..../face palms/

/gives you crack/ You don’t get diabetes eating crack~

Anonymous: How've you been? I know that it's been awhile. Are you tired cause you've been on my mind. Runnin' thousand & thousands of miles. Sorry, I know that line's outta style, but look so beautiful on this starry night. Loving the way the moonlight catches your eyes & your smile. I'm captivated, your beauty is timeless never outdated. i don't know why I'm drawn to you. Could you be the other one so we'd equal two? And this is all based on a lucky chance that you would rather add then subtract

Is it raining cheese? Well it is now 

Anonymous: There's only a few people that make me smile now, they're the people keeping me here, so thankyou *smiles widely* <3

Anonymous: I think I'm beyond obessed with my boyfriend -NotKyuhyun

OMG WHAT’S WITH THE NOT(NAME) THING UGHH! My brains hurt from all this thinking~ Yes My brainS! I have like 5 brains and none of them know who this NotKyuhyun is -.-

Anonymous: I am so done with your guys' bullshitiness. Like seriously, you were over, get the fucking over it. It is not the end of the world if you break up, there is many others waiting to be loved too. Then there are those who can't even separate their life from the RP and it is just making them look sooo annoying. This is an RP people, not your damn real FB. And what's up with the newbies at relationships? They aren't even that far from the relationship and theyre already have a kid. o.O Like forreal.